Start your new year strong
with a bariatric reboot.

Have you been off track with your bariatric lifestyle? Are you beating yourself up because you’ve dropped some of your healthy routines and behaviors? Would you like to try a new approach to overcoming your struggles that actually works long-term?

Why not let 2024 be your breakthrough year?

One thing I have noticed is even though the program was only 30 days, it changed me forever. Karen L., NC

It’s normal for people to lose their way after bariatric surgery.

This weight loss surgery life can be challenging – and we can’t just flip motivation on like a switch. I wish it worked that way!

The truth is your motivation, commitment, and discipline will rise and fall no matter how long you’ve been on this journey. And during the tough times when you’re struggling to keep going (or get going again), that’s when you need a reboot.
I’ve been there so many times! And having lost 150 pounds and keeping it off (with a few frustrating ups and downs) for more than 19 years, I know more than a few secrets to navigating the tough terrain, regardless of how bumpy it gets. 
That’s why I’m so excited to offer my powerful self-guided program guaranteed to boost your motivation and get you back on the road to WLS success and satisfaction.

Katie Jay

Katie Jay’s

WLS Success for Life!

30 Days to Reboot Your Motivation
and Create a Bariatric Lifestyle You Love

When you commit to WLS Success for Life, you’ll get everything you need to experience 30 days of renewed focus, motivation, and momentum:

Daily Email Reminders:
Wake up to a friendly reminder in your inbox each morning. Learn about the day’s focus to keep you moving gently in the right direction.

Daily Motivational Videos from Katie:
Each Daily Email contains a link to a short, Motivational Message. The videos cover topics essential to achieving long-term WLS success in all areas of your life: your mindset, how you feel both physically and emotionally, and ways to evolve your relationships so they support your bariatric well-being.

Step-by-Step Action Guide:
This downloadable 60+ page guide offers a daily set of practices that are easy to follow, and simple checklists that will help you establish routines you love. You can expect breakthrough moments and revelations that will create a hopeful new mindset.
Membership in a Private Facebook Forum:
(Moderated by Katie)
Come talk about how your reboot is going, ask questions, and connect with other women doing the program.
With WLS Success for Life, you’re never on your own! I’ll be there with you every day inviting you to practice self-awareness, get inspired, make meaningful changes!
I didn’t expect to get personal attention, but Katie really was with me. I was able to visit the private forum whenever I wanted to get Katie’s advice and encouragement. Jonnie W., VA

Invest in yourself and in your success! The entire 30-day program is available for just $197, an incredible value.

Even though it looks like a regular workbook, it’s progressive – and it teaches new ideas and skills throughout the process. Katie is clever! She tricked me into finding a whole new perspective. Kathy P., WI
There’s nothing I want more than to see you achieve the same kind of peace and satisfaction with your WLS that I enjoy. I’ve learned the secret to loving my bariatric lifestyle and I’m excited to share what I know with you so you can experience the same life-changing results.

I wasn’t sure this program would be worth the expense, but the videos alone were worth it. Katie teaches what she lives. Her knowledge and enthusiasm are very motivating to me! Janelle S., NY

Take my hand and I’ll show you how to find the peace you deserve and a bariatric lifestyle you’ll love. 

Never give up!

Katie Jay

Katie Jay

MSW, Certified Life and Wellness Coach

Spend 30 days with me to develop renewed focus, motivation, and momentum. It’s time to regain your hope and create the bariatric life you’ve been longing for!
I don’t know what I expected. I just wanted to get rid of this regain. Katie’s program helped me settle down and focus. In the private Facebook group, Katie encouraged me to keep an open mind and trust the process. I’m so glad I did. Holly B., OR