Start your new year strong
with a bariatric reboot.

Have you been off track with your bariatric lifestyle? Are you beating yourself up because you’ve dropped some of your healthy routines and behaviors? Would you like to try a new approach to overcoming your struggles that actually works long-term?

Life is full of ups and downs, starts and stops, times of high and low energy. And after bariatric surgery, when you need to stay on track, you definitely notice that cycle.

The problem is you can’t just flip motivation on like a switch. I wish it worked that way! The truth is your motivation, commitment, and discipline will rise and fall no matter how long you’ve been on this journey. And during the tough times when you’re struggling to keep going (or get going again), that’s when you need a reboot.

Are you ready for a fresh start to your new year?

Introducing my new home study program guaranteed to boost your motivation, set new routines, and help you discover a WLS lifestyle you can feel excited about.

Katie Jay

Katie Jay’s

WLS Success for Life!

30 Days to Reboot Your Motivation
and Create a Bariatric Lifestyle You Love

For more than a decade, women just like you have gone through my original 30-day program and experienced a renewed sense of joy and purpose on their WLS journey.

Now, I am excited to announce my new edition of this powerful program.

When you commit to WLS Success for Life, you’ll get everything you need to experience 30 days of renewed focus, motivation, and momentum:

Daily Email Reminders: Wake up to a friendly reminder in your inbox each morning and get a link to Katie’s inspiring daily video message.

Daily Motivational Videos from Katie: : Learn about your focus for the day, get inspired, and start to reset your mindset.

Step-by-Step Action Guide: This carefully crafted guide will take you step-by-step into a new way of living. You will receive a downloadable copy, as well as a printed copy delivered to your door!

Access to Katie’s Private, WLS Success for Life, Facebook Page: Not only will you enjoy connecting with others who are doing the program, you’ll be able to connect with Katie, ask questions, get support, and share your progress daily.
Bonuses! When you sign up by January 31st, you’ll receive three, downloadable audio programs recorded by Katie, and a private implementation coaching session with Katie at the end of your 30 days via Zoom.

Would you like to kick off 2023 with renewed confidence and motivation?

Bonus #1

If you sign-up before JANUARY 31, 2023
To sweeten the deal and get you to act fast, I’m throwing in THREE BONUS AUDIO PROGRAMS–yours ONLY if you sign up on or before Tuesday, January 31:

Audio Recording #1

Your Best Future: See It and Live It!
This powerful guided imagery exercise will help you envision a healthy bariatric lifestyle you love. Research shows visualization is key to achieving goals. You’ll create a future that brings you peace and confidence.

Audio Recording #2

Success Basics: Build Your WLS Program on Bedrock
When adversity comes into your life, you’ll be grateful you have a strong foundation of solid principles for WLS success. Learn what it takes to create this solid and lasting WLS foundation.

Audio Recording #3

How to Move Beyond WLS Basics and Create Unshakable Success
Discover how to master more subtle and perplexing issues that challenge you and threaten to impede your efforts. Learn how to weather life’s inevitable storms with supportive self-care and resilience.

Invest in yourself and in your success! The entire 30-day program is available for just $197, an incredible value.

Bonus #2

If you sign-up before JANUARY 31, 2023

With WLS Success for Life, you’re never on your own! I’ll be there with you every day inviting you to read, listen, and watch so you can move forward in small but significant steps.


Sign up for Katie Jay’s WLS Success for Life by January 31, 2023 and you’ll receive a 60-minute private implementation coaching session at no additional charge (a $200 value!). If you act fast, I’ll know you’re serious about wanting a reboot, and this is my way of making sure you get it.
If you’re struggling to stay motivated or feel like you’ve stalled out, this program will get you moving again! If you’re enjoying strong momentum but worry about hitting a dip, get in front of it now with 30 days of support.
Worried about whether the program will work for you? Don’t be. If you follow the program and complete all the action steps and afterward you don’t feel you are on a new path to lasting change, I’ll gladly refund your investment. You can’t lose. 
There’s nothing I want more than to see you achieve the same kind of peace and satisfaction with your WLS that I enjoy. I’ve learned the secret to loving my bariatric lifestyle and I’m excited to share what I know with you so you can experience the same life-changing results.


Katie Jay

Katie Jay

Katie Jay is an internationally recognized authority on weight loss surgery and the founder of For 17 years, she has been researching, coaching, teaching, facilitating groups, supporting bariatric surgery patients, and training bariatric professionals. She enjoys this work immensely.

Katie holds a master’s in social work, is a certified life and wellness coach, and is a trained experiential workshop facilitator.

She is the author of three books, including Small Bites: Daily Inspirations for Weight Loss Surgery Patients and her groundbreaking book, Weight Loss Surgery Stages of Transformation.

Katie underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2004 and maintains a 150-pound weight loss. She helps clients nurture their self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-care so they can have the most satisfying WLS life possible.

Take my hand and I’ll show you how to find the peace you deserve and a bariatric lifestyle you’ll love. 

Never give up!

Katie Jay

MSW, Certified Life and Wellness Coach

P.S. My dear client Karen bought the program in 2010 and recently she said something that meant the world to me: “One thing I have noticed, is even though the program was only 30 days, it changed me forever.” Spend 30 days with me and start your 2023 with renewed energy, commitment, and peace that will carry you throughout the year and beyond. Click here to sign up by January 31, 2023 to get all your bonuses!