Working with her helped to reinforce that bariatric weight loss is truly a journey

Grace B., MN, USA

I was concerned about spending the time and money to do coaching with Katie Jay.

Working with her helped to reinforce that bariatric weight loss is truly a journey. Just because you have this tool that helps you lose weight doesn't mean that the issues you had with using food as an emotional crutch go away.

One of the tools I found most helpful was Katie's approach to dealing with feelings and needs. She helped me to understand that one of the first things I needed to do, in order not to turn to food, was to define what I was feeling and what I needed and then take a look at how to solve those needs.

I love working with Katie because she has amazing insight and experience with the whole bariatric weight loss journey. After reading her book, I realized that many of the struggles she described were also things I had personally experienced. I felt like Katie had worked through many of the challenges I had been through and had successfully helped others do the same and I wanted to work with her.

Katie is an understanding, compassionate, inspiring coach. She uses her own personal experience, and the experiences of others she has worked with, to help you come up with solutions to challenges you might be experiencing.

She is flexible with setting up mutually beneficial scheduling times to do coaching. I feel like I’ve already invested time and money into the whole bariatric life journey and working with Katie is money well spent.