Katie is knowledgeable on technical as well as emotional issues

J. Paul Shirley, Greenville, SC

I recently had the privilege of attending one of Katie Jay's workshops in Charlotte, NC. Her comfortable and relaxed style seemed especially well suited towards presenting information that was very well thought out, but which can also potentially have deep emotional impact on her listeners.

Katie is knowledgeable on both technical issues, such as advanced nutrition concepts, and the complex emotional issues that tend to accompany problems of obesity.

She is among the very best speakers I have ever heard, especially in being generous with a wealth of information plus leaving the listener with a genuine warm fuzzy feeling that follows you all the way home.

Her sensitivity is remarkable, without being sentimental. Her scientific grounding is impressive. She has the magic triad of a calling, a passion, and thorough knowledge of her subject matter. I consider Katie to be among those rare gifted individuals who is not just a helper, but a healer.