Testimonial Category: One Size Fits YOU

Katie changed my life in a major way.

Connie Cox, TX

I knew I needed to address my feelings, which I had “stuffed down” with food. So, I enrolled in Katie’s coaching program. During our time together, Katie introduced me to Nonviolent Communication, which I explored further and have since been facilitating for six years in a re-entry program at the local jail, as well as in several churches.

I felt an immediate connection with Katie. She provided a safe environment for long-term exploration of food issues, which I have had for decades. Her coaching was free of judgement and emphasized self-care and self-compassion, which were really valuable to me and continues to influence me years later.

I highly recommend Katie’s coaching program.

When the nutritionist at the hospital where I had my surgery highly recommended Katie, I made the call

Deborah K.

I was very aware of how much I wanted coaching after my surgery. So, when the nutritionist at the hospital where I had my surgery highly recommended Katie, I made the call.

I discovered that my feelings were shared, and that I was not alone. I no longer had to hide all the nuances of my experiences and found someone who really understood the many phases of this process.

I loved Katie's natural ability to be authentic and genuine. I always felt comfortable talking to her, never feeling judged. Regardless of what I said, Katie listened with an attunement that made me feel at ease.

With coaching, I keep paying attention to what I do with food and my feelings, and I know never to stop!!! To take the time for self-care even in the face of others being disappointed with me. Seeing how old behaviors are being replaced with new ones, if I stay conscious and aware.

There is no doubt for me that I would recommend Katie for coaching. She shares my journey which is invaluable. I could not see myself discussing my profound experience without a person like Katie, whose own work is a guiding light!

Having a network of support for this work is essential, and Katie has that network. Katie pays so much attention to every facet of the process, which I have so much appreciated. Whether you are days out from surgery or 10 years, Katie can coach you through it.

I loved the book club so much I signed up for the Empowerment Coaching Program so I could have Katie all to myself

Sherry R., IL

I really wanted to do Katie Jay’s year-long Empowerment Coaching Program. I wanted the kind of attention you get with private coaching. I was regaining weight at an alarming rate.

Because of my financial concerns, I joined Katie Jay’s Book Club/Coaching Group instead of signing up for the year of coaching, and it was awesome. The ladies were wonderful. Katie was so compassionate, knowledgeable, and funny. She’s honest about her journey and she walks the walk.

I loved the book club so much I signed up for the Empowerment Coaching Program so I could have Katie all to myself.

I’m not the same woman I was before I met Katie and learned about her philosophy. I’m much more compassionate toward myself, and my self-care is much better.

I didn’t want to be a part of the ‘typical whining WLS environment.’

Roz Harris, IN

Before I signed up to participate in a coaching group with Katie Jay, I was concerned about the time it would take, and I didn’t want to be a part of the ‘typical whining WLS environment.’

As a result of my participation, I realized that, for me, even if I do some emotional eating, I can still work my program.

I love how the group calls were set up, especially the first one. Katie designed an alliance with the group about how we would work together.

I loved that the calls were recorded so that we could go back and listen again or find out what we missed if we couldn’t attend. Katie also sent optional text messages that kept me connected.

I would recommend coaching with Katie, because she is smart, analytical, playful, and walks the walk.

I discovered real support, compassion, and empathy.

Anne Gerard, CT

At first, I was concerned about the costs involved with my participation in Katie Jay's Empowerment Coaching Program. What I discovered was real support, compassion, and empathy.

I benefited from the awareness, mindfulness, and education Katie offers. I got stretched! Absolutely, I recommend coaching with Katie Jay.

Working with her helped to reinforce that bariatric weight loss is truly a journey

Grace B., MN, USA

I was concerned about spending the time and money to do coaching with Katie Jay.

Working with her helped to reinforce that bariatric weight loss is truly a journey. Just because you have this tool that helps you lose weight doesn't mean that the issues you had with using food as an emotional crutch go away.

One of the tools I found most helpful was Katie's approach to dealing with feelings and needs. She helped me to understand that one of the first things I needed to do, in order not to turn to food, was to define what I was feeling and what I needed and then take a look at how to solve those needs.

I love working with Katie because she has amazing insight and experience with the whole bariatric weight loss journey. After reading her book, I realized that many of the struggles she described were also things I had personally experienced. I felt like Katie had worked through many of the challenges I had been through and had successfully helped others do the same and I wanted to work with her.

Katie is an understanding, compassionate, inspiring coach. She uses her own personal experience, and the experiences of others she has worked with, to help you come up with solutions to challenges you might be experiencing.

She is flexible with setting up mutually beneficial scheduling times to do coaching. I feel like I’ve already invested time and money into the whole bariatric life journey and working with Katie is money well spent.

Once I got to know Katie, I knew I had made the right decision

Mary Ann W., TX, USA

When I was thinking about signing up for Katie Jay's Empowerment Coaching Program, I wondered if the investment would be worth it. I had never done anything like it before and wasn't sure what to expect.

Once I got to know Katie, I knew I had made the right decision. She made me feel so accepted and "normal" with my feelings and challenges with weight loss. I went from being nervous about the money to feeling very comfortable and wishing I had done this years ago.

Katie has helped me with discovery and acceptance of my feelings about myself and where I am on the WLS journey, which is a lifetime journey.

I have learned to use new tools to notice when I'm undermining myself and to take a different path.

I'm much more self-caring now and don't talk as negatively to myself. I can think things through more effectively. I still have a long way to go, but feel I've made big strides.

I would recommend coaching with Katie to anyone who has had WLS. (Or anyone, really! She is the best!).

I totally recommend Katie’s coaching

Janet P., WA, USA

I was embarrassed about my emotional eating and was really nervous about meeting Katie in person. I had regained 40 pounds and hated even leaving the house. My friends asked me why it was worth spending the money and having a whole day to be with Katie Jay in person to kick off my year of coaching. Now that I've done it, I can't imagine why someone wouldn't. Katie’s warmth and compassion were encouraging to me. And she made every minute of our time together count. The rest of the year we coached by phone and it was just as wonderful. I totally recommend Katie’s coaching.

Katie adapted her coaching to meet my needs

Lynette T., NY

I was worried about the time commitment for Katie Jay’s year-long Empowerment Coaching Program. I have so much on my plate, and I knew that coaching would have to be at a certain time every week, and that was not possible. Thankfully, Katie was flexible.

I didn’t know what to expect during my initial coaching session (one whole day in person with Katie!). I assumed it would be the same old pep talk coaches give people; but I found my day with her to be extremely valuable.

Katie has helped me break down barriers I didn’t know I had. She did not judge me. She has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge. She adapted her coaching to meet my needs.

I highly recommend coaching with Katie Jay.

The support and encouragement I’ve received from Katie is phenomenal; she has been there for me throughout

Kay Schlappe, PA, USA

My initial reluctance in signing up for Katie Jay's Empowerment Coaching Program came from money concerns and making a commitment for a full year.

Soon after we began I realized that the time we spent together made a difference. While any food plan or other tool almost always works short-term, self-critical and self-limiting beliefs have always sabotaged me in the long run.

That’s why working with Katie weekly over the course of a year has been so helpful. In fact, I signed up for a second year.

The support and encouragement I've received from Katie is phenomenal; she has been there for me throughout. She even helped me cope with some very traumatic medical events during our time together.

The most valuable thing I discovered is the importance of self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-care for long-term results after bariatric surgery; and how to cultivate these qualities.

Some specific things that Katie helped me with include:

  • Learning effective ways to interrupt negative and self-sabotaging thoughts before they can spiral into a depressive episode.
  • Developing a toolbox of helpful techniques and resources.
  • Accessing other helpful information. (Katie is very knowledgeable about what is available. If I want to pursue a specific idea further, she can usually recommend a website, book, CD, or other resource.)

Katie's coaching is different. She doesn’t tell you what to do. She helps you find your own way. She helps you clarify what you want from the coaching and then helps you reach your goals in a way that works for you.

I highly recommend Katie's coaching! She has impressive academic credentials and a wealth of experience. She has been there herself and she knows what we are going through. Katie is warm, outgoing, and easy to relate to. Most important of all, Katie genuinely cares about each of her clients.

Coaching with Katie, for me, is about changing myself on the inside

Linda O., AZ

As a mental health clinician, I didn’t know how it would go when I signed up to coach with Katie. I don’t have to be a professional when I’m with her. She helps me settle in and use the time for my personal development.

I don’t want to focus on food and nutrition, or my weight. I want to focus on what I want to do and the direction I want to go.

Coaching with Katie, for me, is about changing myself on the inside and finding what Katie calls the “sweet spot.” That’s where I am doing the things that are good for me, which matches with what I want to be doing and what I’m drawn to.

Katie is a nonjudgmental, compassionate listener and she accepts me where I am at any particular time. She doesn’t have an agenda for me. I highly recommend coaching with Katie.

Katie is truly a wonderful teacher

Teri Goodwin, ME, USA

I am so happy to have been introduced to Katie through her website. I remember the time that I met her in New Hampshire at a day retreat. She is so soft spoken. She is compassionate. She listens before she speaks. She shares her knowledge and her mistakes along the way. She is truly a wonderful teacher.