Frequently Asked Questions

I’m considering hiring a coach. Where do I start?

The process begins with a 20-minute, complimentary telephone consultation. All you need to do is contact me to set up a convenient time to talk. During our call you can ask me questions, I will ask you questions, and we can determine if we’re a good fit!

How does coaching work?
I coach my clients by telephone or Zoom video conferencing. Your choice. At the appointed time, you call me or enter the Zoom conference. We will meet for up to 50 minutes, depending on your needs. I offer individual sessions; packages of 6 or 12 sessions; and a 6-month, tailored One-Size-Fits-YOU™ Empowerment Coaching Program designed just for you. I also offer a Book Club Coaching Group.
Who would benefit from a bariatric surgery coach?
Weather you’ve had gastric-bypass, -sleeve, -banding, duodenal switch, or any other type of bariatric surgery, you will find coaching useful. I work with bariatric surgery women before, during, and/or after surgery, focusing on what will work for them in order to fulfill their goals. My clients often need a supportive, nonjudgmental coach with experience, who has had bariatric surgery and understands what helps people thrive after surgery.
What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?
Coaches listen deeply, ask probing questions, and help you create a way of living that supports lasting change. They are future focused and help you develop a vision, learn needed skills, and move toward your goals.

Therapists treat mental illness, for example clinical anxiety and depression. They can explore your past with you and help you heal past trauma. Therapists can help you cope with traumatic loss or abuse, and with relational turmoil or violence. They also treat addiction or substance abuse.

Not Sure Coaching Is for You?
You might want to consider coaching with Katie Jay if:

  1. You can’t stop thinking about how out-of-control you feel and how afraid you are about weight regain.
  2. You are comparing yourself negatively to others who have had surgery and want to figure out how to make the surgery work for you.
  3. You are tired of the roller coaster that has you doing great for a period of time, and then not doing so great for a period of time.
  4. You feel stressed and tired of your current situation.
  5. You want to give up, but you don’t want to give up.
  6. Your inner critic is running the show, telling you that you are a failure, weak, unworthy, or bad.
  7. You are telling yourself you don’t have it in you to try again.
  8. You are worried you will be judged.
  9. You can’t imagine there is a solution that will work for you.
  10. You’re blaming your circumstance on other people or situations.
  11. You realize you need help to get unstuck and to feel empowered.

Many successful bariatric surgery women have found coaching is the key to satisfaction and lasting change after surgery. So, they choose to work with a coach on a continuing basis. After all, lasting change takes time. When it comes to long-term success after bariatric surgery, there are no shortcuts and no quick fixes.

How can I be sure about confidentiality?
I maintain strict confidentiality for all my clients. Any records that are kept, are under lock and key. As your coach, it’s my job to create a safe space for you, so you can share what you need to share without fear of judgment or violation of privacy.
Who is responsible for my success?

I will be your “guide on the side,” provide resources and information, encourage action, and be your accountability partner. The work is yours to do. I don’t dictate what you should do, where you should focus, or what you should believe. My commitment is to guide you and help you find a way of living that fits YOU.

What are the benefits of coaching?
  • You will avoid mistakes other bariatric surgery women make.
  • You will accomplish more than you would have on your own.
  • You will find what works for you and learn to use that knowledge to guide your decisions and actions.
  • You will enjoy a relationship with someone who listens to you, cares about you, and does not have an agenda for you. Instead, I will help
  • you come to understand what you need, develop strategies, and support you as your make changes.

What results can I expect working with you?
Your results depend on you keeping an open mind and being willing to try new things. Your results also depend on your commitment to learn and experiment, deal more effectively with your feelings and needs, and connect with your inner knowing – so we can co-create a tailor-made plan that you can begin to execute right away.
Soon after we began I realized that the time we spent together made a difference. While any food plan or other tool almost always works short-term, self-critical and self-limiting beliefs have always sabotaged me in the long run.

That’s why working with Katie weekly over the course of a year has been so helpful. In fact, I signed up for a second year. Kay Schlappe, PA, USA