As a writer, I take great pride in my ability to use the English language properly. So, you can imagine my dismay the first time I wrote to a fellow bariatric patient, who was struggling with significant regain, and I said, “It’s good to know you’re coming to support group next Monday. I’ll see you thin.”

Embarrassing little typos such as this remind me to laugh at myself. Not in a judgmental way, but lovingly, to recognize and celebrate my glorious imperfections.

The power of laughter is not to be underestimated.

Life’s demands have a way of causing us to white-knuckle it through stressful situations, clenching our teeth all the while. We are all guilty of being too serious at times or taking ourselves too seriously. Finding the time for a good chuckle (especially at one’s own expense) is a great way to alleviate some tension.

While it is not always easy (or appropriate) to do that in the midst of a troubling time, finding hope or humor can be healing.

By grinning like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, you will:
Soften a stressful situation
See your circumstances with refreshed eyes
Lower your blood pressure
Lift your spirits
Make other people feel better
Improve your immune system
Reduce your pain
And lots of other great things!
Do you remember the last time you laughed at yourself? Or, laughed at all? Whenever I feel like I am beginning to white-knuckle it, I pull out my list of egregious typos for a good laugh. Yes, I really do this 😉

Let’s see here…oh, yes, here it is. My last typo. I recently sent an email to a new coaching client and concluded with, “Wishing you all the breast, Katie.”

Your assignment

Spend the rest of your day looking for things to laugh about. Every time you start to feel “a little bit Eeyore,” switch your focus to something funny.