The Backs to Basics Intensive

How to create an environment (mentally, emotionally, and socially) that supports your bariatric-surgery success.

Most women lose weight effortlessly after bariatric surgery. But, as the saying goes, a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

(So how do you navigate your bariatric-surgery voyage when the sea gets rough?)

The Backs to Basics Intensive

How to create an environment (mentally, emotionally, and socially) that supports your bariatric surgery success.

Most women lose weight effortlessly after bariatric surgery. But, as the saying goes, a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

(So how do you navigate your bariatric-surgery voyage when the sea gets rough?)

Early on after bariatric surgery, weight loss happens easily. You’ll hit a little plateau here and there, but otherwise it’s smooth sailing, until something happens.

Life is like that. Something happens that causes you stress, gradually or all at once, and you find yourself reaching for food to comfort yourself. You begin to bargain and struggle with your eating. Your weight rises as your self-care sinks. You’ve sailed right into a storm.

And you know, no matter how badly you want to, you can’t control the wind.

The thing about voyages at sea is they are not predictable. You never know when a powerful storm will pop up. When the winds blow and the sea is roiling, staying on course can be nearly impossible.

Turbulent seas are overwhelming!

Turbulent seas are overwhelming!

When you’re in them, you really can’t take care of anything but what’s right in front of you. Despite your best efforts, sometimes you just get totally lost.

In all this turmoil you question why you set sail. You feel ashamed. You tell yourself you are flawed because you can’t keep the ship going in the right direction (you’re not). You agonize over why you can’t find your way through.

So how do you navigate the storm?


The Back to Basics Intensive

In this live course with Katie Jay, you’ll get:

Help and support to find your way out of the storm.

New skills to navigate successfully through tough times.

Practice learning, observing, and experimenting, with lots of nonjudgmental support and encouragement.

Confidence, when you use your experience of the roiling sea to help you become a better sailor.

Here’s what we’ll cover

Week 1

What Is Making You Eat?

Week 2

How to “Navigate” Your Thought Life.

Week 3

Katie Jay’s Self-Care Cycle™ for Emotional Wellbeing.

Week 4

Emotional Dessert: What Makes Your Life Sweet?

In Week 1, you will learn about the many factors that play into weight regain, including physical, mental, emotional, and social influences. In addition, you’ll begin to get to know your fellow group members, learn about holding space for each other and how to help everyone feel safe. We’ll talk about what brought you to the group, and what you’d like to get out of it. You’ll learn how to make and track experiments, instead of going on a diet.

In Week 2, you will learn about the power of your thoughts and beliefs. You’ll evaluate the current state of your thought life, and explore ways for you to create a mental environment that supports your success.

In Week 3, you will learn how to vastly improve your self-care through a rich process called the Self-Care Cycle™. You’ll learn the route that takes you from self-awareness and self-compassion to robust self-care. This process can help with emotional eating, as well as boundary setting and getting your needs met. It also can help you understand and process emotions more comfortably and at a deeper level.

In Week 4, you will learn about Emotional Dessert. We’ll also begin to chart a course to the Freedom stage on your bariatric-surgery voyage: the stage where you realize what you want to do, and what you must do to stay healthy, are one and the same. In this stage, you can live free from the burden of your obsession with food, your body, and the scale.

By working through this Back to Basics Intensive, you will take your experience of the stormy seas and use it.

“The sea will always be the sea, but you can become a master sailor.”

Katie Jay

What Past Clients Have Said about Working with Katie Jay

I was at the end of my rope. I had slipped into old behaviors. I was grazing and staying up late to eat. Now, using what I learned in Katie’s course, I am able to be more compassionate with myself.

I have been experimenting with ways to address my grazing, and the number of evenings I graze during a week has gone from 7 nights, down to 3. To me that’s a miracle.

I used to be very black and white about things. Now I check in with myself and am learning to use my intuition more. It’s so freeing. I highly recommend Katie’s Back to Basics Intensive for any woman who has had bariatric surgery. Jenny B., OH

I was afraid of having to dig deeper and taking the time to do that. I realized it is worth facing the fear. I took the risk and made some interesting discoveries about myself, my relationships, and my habits. I developed more awareness about my choices.

I’m surprised how much I like Zoom. In the Zoom classes, I’m connecting more because I’m seeing the faces of all the ladies. I’ve made friends.

I think this intensive is as good for beginners as it is for women further out from surgery. Personally, I wish I had taken this class when I was about a year out from surgery. It would have helped me transition from being a newbie to a long-term WLS survivor.

I have worked with Katie 15+ years and I continue to learn and grow. When I am struggling, she listens, she hears it, she mirrors it back. Then, she follows with offering encouragement and practical advice. No judgment. These days, I feel like I am dog-paddling less and swimming with grace. Lou L., NC

I was worried about the time commitment and wasn’t sure I could disengage from ‘real life’. I discovered it’s entirely possible to step out of one’s ‘real life’ without leaving home. Truly, what one puts in has a great deal to do with what one takes away.

I love Katie’s depth of knowledge, kindness, willingness, and ability to share what she knows to help others. She is very relatable.

Three benefits I got from taking this course were:

  1. Practical knowledge about how to put forth intentional and consistent effort to change my “stinking thinking.”
  2. I realized I haven’t been self-aware for years, and without that awareness I also haven’t taken care of my needs for years.
  3. Finally, I am learning how to be honest about my thoughts and feelings in a non-threatening or accusing way.

I would recommend Katie’s Back to Basics Intensive to anyone who struggles with life after bariatric surgery or is dealing with regain.
Janet R., CA

Course Details

How is the course conducted?

The course is conducted live via Zoom. Katie will email you a link that you can use each week for the duration. If you need support to learn how to use zoom, just ask! Katie will provide you with the information and resources you need (and even a practice zoom meeting if you’d like).

The Details

January 7, 14, 21, and 28
Schedule (Eastern Time Zone)

10AM – 11:30AM


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Four weekly Classes, 1.5 hours each
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