New! Katie Jay’s Fireside Group-Coaching Program

After weight loss surgery, how can you get nonjudgmental support to resolve your complex bariatric challenges?

(And how on earth do you find compassionate and effective support when it seems so elusive?)

Katie Jay

On most days, a woman who’s had bariatric surgery faces challenges.

Your challenges may have something to do with grazing, putting everyone’s needs before your own, eating to numb yourself, or limiting your social interactions because you are embarrassed about regain.

And one of the natural responses to your challenges is to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, and sometimes even defeated. But often the solutions you are offered are too simplistic and fall short. Let’s face it, if a diet was going to work, you’d never have needed bariatric surgery.

Truthfully, for most women, even weight loss surgery isn’t enough. Your challenges become much easier to face with enough of the right kind support. You benefit from richer connections with women who are walking the same walk. You find it’s easier to grow in a safe space where you can focus on deeper concerns.

There’s nothing more discouraging than being told what to do, trying your level best to do it, and then having it not work. And then you tell yourself you’re failing, and the more you tell yourself that, the more alone and hopeless you feel.

It’s a bit like standing alone outside on the sidewalk in harsh weather.

It’s cold. It’s snowing. And the wind is cutting right through you. Like the little match girl, you look inside a window and see a nice warm fire, a gathering of women who are talking, deeply listening, and laughing with each other while savoring hot spiced tea. But outside you’re on your own.

And when you’re on your own you suffer.

You struggle because outside there is no one to help you. If you are freezing, you’ve got to work things out yourself. You are ever more frustrated and often spend hours looking through that window with longing.

As a member of a small group of friendly, like-minded women, you’d find the warmth and safety you’ve longed for. (Yes, there is really a comforting place to come into from out in the cold, where you and other women can gather to support each other as you all heal).

So what is Katie Jay’s Fireside Small-Group Coaching program?

Fireside Small-Group Coaching offers an intimate and supportive environment for women who are searching for deeper, more lasting transformation. This cozy group of ladies will listen to you, support you, learn from you, and laugh with you.

Instead of feeling like you’re standing out in the cold, you’ll experience the kind of satisfaction you experience when sitting around a crackling fire, warming your toes and sharing your stories.

Fireside Small-Group Coaching is a place where you make new friends, learn how to develop a way of living that supports your wellbeing, and experience real progress.

What makes Katie’s Fireside Small-Group Coaching unique?

With most bariatric support you will find people standing around “outside” chatting about diets, how to lose weight faster, how to make a new recipe, or the reasons they can’t do this or that to help themselves. That’s one option.

Or you can sit down in a warm-hearted circle of women and talk about what’s really going on. You can learn about other women’s struggles and share about your own.

Katie’s approach will take you deeper, where lasting transformation happens.

Also, Katie is connecting, fully present, and all in. She is keenly interested and nonjudgmental as she supports women who are ready to step out of their comfort zones and experience real change. And when you ask her a question, you will be amazed at the kindness, richness, and detail in the answer.

Katie will respond personally to every email and engage in conversations that help you resolve confusion, brainstorm about next steps, or provide accountability.

With Katie’s Fireside Small-Group Coaching you will find:

  1. Women with kind eyes and steadfast determination.
  2. Information that applies to all bariatric-surgery women, but also specific information for individual woman in the group.
  3. Friendship and a source of great inspiration.
  4. Enough structure, but not too much.
  5. First preference to Katie’s events and courses.

Reason 1: Women with kind eyes and steadfast determination.

In Africa there’s a saying that goes like this: “If you want to travel quickly, go alone. If you want to travel far, go with a group.”

Katie Jay’s Fireside Small-Group Coaching is about going far and so we must have a committed, compassionate, intimate group. In fact, Katie will allow no more than five women in a group.

To travel far, group members work together to create an atmosphere of safety and caring. But the biggest factor that drives this group is that every individual wants to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. They all want to experience a total transformation that brings them ‘freedom and profound wellbeing’.

This isn’t a group that sits around whining and moaning. It’s a group that understands that to move ahead, each of them will have to take initiative, welcome the discomfort that comes with change, take chances, and experiment to find what works – rather than just waiting to be told what to do.

At the same time, Katie and other group members will be there to help and support you at every turn.

So who will be in your small group?

You have two options.

Option 1: You will put together a group of three to five women and together sign up for the Fireside Small-Group Coaching program. All you’ll need to do is find a time agreeable to everyone (including Katie!) and you’ll be provided a registration link.

Option 2: You will sign up to a waiting list. When five women have expressed interest, and have been interviewed and accepted by Katie, you will all be sent a registration link.

Reason 2: Information that’s specific to your needs, as well as generally helpful to the group.

Let’s face it. We’re drowning in information. We hear all kinds of tips, strategies, and approaches to help us with our bariatric challenges. And yet, we need more information if we are to truly resolve our problems.

So what is different about the information Katie provides?

What’s different about the information you’ll receive from Katie is that it’s based on her research. In fact, Katie’s interviewed 100s of women who have undergone bariatric surgery.

As the result of her research, Katie developed the Weight Loss Surgery Stages of Transformation™, which is both a description of the emotional and psychological stages women move through after bariatric surgery, but also a prescription for how to move through those stages to bring about your most satisfying outcome.

How will the Weight Loss Surgery Stages of Transformation™ be used in your small group?

Everyone will receive downloadable copies of Katie Jay’s Weight Loss Surgery Stages of Transformation™ book and workbook to use during your small-group coaching experience.

We’ll cover one stage per week for 12 weeks. There will be reading and workbook assignments, as well as some informational videos from Katie.

Through these avenues, you all will learn about the 12 Stages of Transformation, assess what stage, or stages, you relate to at a given moment, and explore the ways you can move through the stages with purpose.

Reason 3: Friendship and a source of great inspiration.

We undergo bariatric surgery to change our lives, but then we don’t get all the benefits from the surgery we had hoped for. It’s nice to have a warm-hearted group of women to let your hair down with. Together, we will talk about our experiences without fear of judgement. We will share about what bugs us, what scares us, and what we long for. We also will share many laughs.

We will celebrate the risks we take, and the changes we make. And with our persistence and commitment we will learn from and inspire each other.

Reason 4: Enough structure, but not too much.

So how does a Fireside small group work?

Because group members come from all over, we’ll be meeting via Zoom for our weekly, 1-hour sessions, and stay connected between sessions through a private thread on the GroupMe app. (Katie will show you how!)

While each woman will be working through the stages as they relate to her specifically, we also will encourage each other, brainstorm, and sometimes, just listen. Through it all, we’ll be following the workbook, focusing on a stage each week. There will be relatively short assignments and you will need to be prepared to share about your experience of them.

What else will be required of you?

It’s important that you respect your small-group coaching time. Each week, for the 12 weeks, you will need to be able to attend a live group meeting via Zoom. You’ll need privacy so that the group can be reasonably assured of confidentiality. You’ll need to limit distractions, so we have your undivided attention. You’ll also need to participate in the GroupMe chat by checking in once a day, at a minimum.

What else will I receive?

  1. Downloadable copies of Katie Jay’s Weight Loss Surgery Stages of Transformation™ book and workbook.
  2. Katie will schedule a 30-minute Zoom meeting with you before your first group meeting to get to know you and to understand what you are needing. Halfway through the 12-week program, you will meet with Katie for 30 minutes again, to make sure you’re on track with what you want to accomplish.

Reason 5: First preference to Katie’s events and courses.

This may sound like marketing hype, but the BariSupport courses, workshops, and retreats are very popular. There was a time when most of our courses (e.g., The Emotional Eating Masterclass) would take about 4 weeks or more to fill up. Those were the old days. Most of the courses now fill up in 3 days. Some courses fill up in less than a day. It sounds crazy, and it is. But the reason why these courses fill up so quickly is because of the rich information, transformative experiences, and nonjudgmental atmosphere Katie provides.

With a premium registration for Katie’s Fireside Small-Group Coaching, you get first preference to all of her courses, retreats, and workshops in 2022.

What Past Clients Have Said about Working with Katie Jay

“In the past I had worked one-on-one with Katie, which I loved, but I wasn’t sure about being in one of her groups. I liked having her all to myself!

But now that I’ve tried coaching with a group with Katie, I have to say I enjoyed the experience almost more.

The thing I liked most about group coaching is I realized I am not alone. I felt safe and got much closer to the other ladies than I expected.

Katie did a great job of facilitating the group. I felt like she kept us on track and made talking about difficult things easier, because she is so compassionate.

I love Katie’s concept of the Weight Loss Surgery Stages of Transformation™. It’s really powerful – I understand myself much better than I used to. I know why I have done certain things I regretted and have come to a much better place.

I blamed myself for everything. And now I realize it’s much more complicated than that. I have always done the best I could. I am so much kinder to myself now.

I highly recommend small-group coaching with Katie, because she has a great depth of knowledge and she is very connecting. She helps everyone feel safe to share and she never judges.

My small-group coaching experience was wonderful because we all learned from each other and we became very close.” Sarah R., NC

“I don’t usually like group activities. Katie manages a group really well. She makes a point to help everyone feel safe and comfortable, and she engages everyone. She has a nonjudgmental approach that is really comforting. The friends I’ve made through Katie Jay’s groups are so precious to me!” Lisa M., MO
“My initial reluctance in signing up for Katie’s coaching program came from money concerns and the time commitment.

Soon after we began, I realized that the time we spent together made a difference. While any food plan or other tool almost always works short-term, self-critical and self-limiting beliefs have always sabotaged me in the long run.

The most valuable thing I discovered is the importance of self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-care. I am surprised how helpful it’s been.

Some specific things that Katie helped me with are:

  • Learning effective ways to interrupt negative and self-sabotaging thoughts before they can spiral into a depressive episode.
  • Developing a toolbox of helpful techniques and resources.
  • Accessing other helpful information. (Katie is very knowledgeable about what is available. If I want to pursue a specific idea further, she can usually recommend a website, book, CD, or other resource.)

Katie’s coaching is different. She doesn’t tell you what to do. She helps you find your own way. She helps you clarify what you want from the coaching and then helps you reach your goals in a way that works for you.

I highly recommend Katie’s coaching programs. She has been there herself and she knows what we are going through. She is warm, outgoing, and easy to relate to. Most important of all, Katie genuinely cares about each of her clients.” Kay Schlappe, PA

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