Katie Jay’s

Book Club

NOTE: Katie Jay’s Book Club is on hold for the time being. Please check out her current Monday evening offering:  Beyond Basics! Boundaries Bootcamp.

One of the ways women can discover what will work for them after bariatric surgery is to widen their perspective and try new ideas on for size.

Katie Jay’s Book Club offers you:

  • An opportunity to get to know other bariatric surgery women who understand what you’re going through and are ready to give and get support.
  • An interesting book that helps focus discussions. This gives women a chance to try on new ideas, experiment, and find a way of living after bariatric surgery that works best for them.
  • Information, feedback, and encouragement from Katie Jay, who is a 16+ year bariatric surgery veteran and an experienced coach.

The women are wonderful, and the books are, too!

Lynette T., NY

I wasn’t sure Katie’s Book Club would be worth the time. I have gotten so much out of these discussions. The women are wonderful, and the books are, too! I’ve learned everyone has their struggles. I love sharing ideas and hearing examples from real life. For our most recent group we had women from New York, Arizona, South Dakota, North Carolina, and Virginia. Katie leads the group with skill and compassion. I highly recommend Katie’s group coaching.

You give me the courage to try new things and keep experimenting

Teri Goodwin, ME

Katie, you have so much knowledge I wonder where you hold it all. You have a way of teaching that resonates with those who listen to you, and the hour goes by so fast. I found that I wanted more when it was time to say good night.

I want you to know that I hope you keep up the great work you are doing to inspire and encourage those of us who are not yet so well put together. You give me the courage to try new things and keep experimenting new ways of living this life.

Katie Jay’s Book Club

Sessions are conducted via teleconference
Monday evenings, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM Eastern

The investment is $100.

There are no upcoming events at this time.