Are You as Brave as Annie?


This article is from my newsletter archives and was written in 2007. Enjoy!

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit off track with my WLS program.

(I’m not horribly off track, but I am battling cravings and am making marginal choices.)

So, I was stewing about how to do better when, much to my surprise and delight, my niece gave me inspiration.

I went to see her perform with her choral society. She is 11 years old, and she sings like an angel. (No, really.)

Annie Is a Shy One

While the singing was beautiful, what was really impressive was how brave Annie was. You see, she is shy. She has sung to me once in her whole life. Usually, I ask her if she’ll sing to me and she says, “no.”

So, at this performance there she was, this shy girl, flustered because she had forgotten her prop, standing on stage in front of maybe 200 people, singing a song so tender and mesmerizing it made me cry.

She Sings Because she Loves Music

I want to remember Annie when I am struggling with living a healthy post-WLS life. Because, I love my new life, even if it is challenging.

I want to remember her when I feel embarrassed to try a new exercise, or to speak up for myself so that my needs are met.

Of Course, Annie Isn’t Perfect

Although she’s amazing, she isn’t a perfect singer. (But almost.) She wouldn’t come sit with us at home after the performance and watch the video her dad had taken. She is her own worst critic.

And I’m Not Going to Be Perfect on My Journey, Either

After a surprise bowel obstruction surgery and working on rebuilding my strength, I am having a tough time making good food choices.

I’m Just Going to Have to Be Brave Like Annie

All I can do is what my niece did. Show up for life, follow my passion, press ahead whether I have all my props in place or not, and sing my heart out (live as fully as I can).

I am going to follow my own, personal “back on track” plan this week. Feel free to join me. Here it is:

1. Make a food plan each morning. I am including only foods I know are available to me (not things I plan to get later at the grocery store — because I might not get there!)

2. Take a nap if I need one. Before my recent bowel obstruction surgery, I had gotten myself way too busy. I resolve to stop and rest if I need to. I have discovered I really like naps.

3. Move my body. I also plan to get out and walk at least 15 minutes a day. More will follow in time, but this is where I will start.

4. Omit refined foods completely from my food plan. Whole grains are so much better for me (and the fiber doesn’t hurt!).

5. Do one thing I have been putting off. Procrastination robs me of my peace of mind.

Let me know what your “back on track” plan includes. I’ll share your ideas in a future issue.

And be brave this week. Do that courageous thing you have been needing to do.