Katie Jay, MSW

Certified Life and Wellness Coach

When a woman has bariatric surgery, more often than not it’s her last best hope for overcoming her obesity. After a honeymoon, when women lose weight quickly, the journey becomes more challenging..

My heart was set on helping people who went into surgery with hope, and then found themselves struggling afterward. At my own surgeon’s support group, I had met a number of women who either hadn’t lost to goal or were regaining.

With this in mind, I knew exactly how I wanted to put to work my own bariatric surgery experiences, master’s degree in social work, and life coaching certification. I wanted to help women find freedom from obesity and the obesity mindset.

I consider it my sacred responsibility to be as skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate as I can be.

That’s what I bring to the women I coach

For 16+ years, as the founder and director of the National Association for Weight Loss Surgery (NAWLS), I conducted research on the lived experience of women who had bariatric surgery, wrote three books, educated patients and professionals, coached, and supported literally thousands of bariatric surgery women to help them find peace and satisfaction with their surgery.
Over the years, I have built an understanding of personal transformation. I’ve attended many trainings and workshops, including:

  • Facilitating Transformational Workshops
  • The Language of Emotion
  • The Clean Language Approach to Coaching
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Laughter Yoga Teacher Certification
  • Soul-based Coaching
  • Clean Language Approach to Working with Physical Symptoms and Chronic Illness
  • Proprioceptive Writing
  • Facilitation for Groups and Teams
  • Motivational Interviewing

I’ve traveled to bariatric surgery practices around the world to speak and to provide educational courses to professionals and patients. And I’ve met some inspiring people along the way.

At this stage in my life and career, I’ve let go of NAWLS, so I can focus all of my energy and passion on providing more customized support to bariatric surgery women.

Because in my opinion support is everything

Through my education, research, and experiences, I’ve come to believe:

  • The same person will become obese again. Permanent transformation after bariatric surgery means thinking, feeling, believing, and behaving differently.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone, and taking intentional risks, is how you create change in your life.
  • Your mental, emotional, psychological, and social well-being are the essential foundation for lifelong bariatric surgery success.
  • Each woman must find a way of living after surgery that suits her specific needs.
  • Enough of the right kind of support is essential to lasting transformation.

I hope you’ll find what you need here. And if you don’t, let me know. I’ll try to point you in the right direction.

Never give up!

Katie Jay

MSW, Certified Life and Wellness Coach

I knew everything about the surgery, right? WRONG!!

I was hesitant to attend Katie’s workshop. I had my surgery 8 years ago. I am a bariatric surgery coordinator. Katie gave practical, insightful advice in a humorous, enjoyable manner. I left feeling enlightened and renewed.

Patricia Jarrell
RNC, Clinical Manager, Roper St. Francis Bariatric and Metabolic Services
Charleston, SC

Katie offers unique information and services in the bariatric surgery field.

I endorse her as one of the most accomplished professionals I have known. Her continuing contributions will benefit deserving individuals around the world. I also highly recommend Katie's book, The Weight Loss Surgery Stages of Transformation, which is brilliant and groundbreaking.

David Krueger

Katie Jay’s information is unique and top-notch in quality.

My patients love Katie Jay. She encourages patient compliance in an especially sensitive and thought-provoking manner that keeps patients from getting resistant or defensive

David Voellinger

Katie Jay’s message stands alone.

For the bariatric patient seeking freedom from their food and weight obsessions, Katie Jay’s message stands alone. There is no one else in the bariatric industry who is focusing on the emotional process, and going beyond the behavioral basics, to provide information to truly help patients.

Kendra Kirby Moree

Katie Jay has taught our bariatric nurses how to approach patients with awareness and compassion.

I contacted Katie to present at our bariatric program’s event after reading her Small Bites newsletter. She has a depth of sensitivity and understanding I have not seen before. Katie is a resilient, passionate teacher.

Lin Hanley
LCSW, Bariatric Social Worker

Katie Jay focuses on the psychological changes that are essential for success.

Katie understands the experiences and unique needs of the bariatric population on a very deep level. Her materials go beyond the necessary lifestyle changes, focusing on the psychological changes that are essential for true and lasting success.

Kelly Broadwater

Katie is among those rare gifted individuals who is not just a helper, but a healer.

I had the privilege of attending Katie Jay's workshop in Charlotte, NC. She has a calling and a passion for her work. Katie is knowledgeable on complex emotional issues and her scientific grounding is impressive.

J. Paul Shirley
Greenville, SC

Katie Jay understands how to help bariatric patients succeed.

Katie is a visionary. She is leading the charge to raise awareness and elevate the conversation to create reliable bariatric surgery success and better long-term outcomes.
Annessa Chumbley, RD, Creator and Owner of Flourish! Nutrition Inspiration

Annessa Chumbley
RD, Creator and Owner
Flourish! Nutrition Inspiration

Katie helps patients see they are not failures even though they struggle.

Katie spoke at our 3rd annual patient reunion. She gave a tough-love presentation filled with hope and understanding. Katie said we: “Get up, fall down, get up, fall down, get up, fall down, and get up!” I loved that.

Shelly Holman

I appreciate Katie’s message of hope and perseverance.

Our patients thoroughly enjoyed Katie’s presentation. She is informative and inspirational. She speaks with authority, yet she is down-to-earth. Katie truly ‘walks the walk.’ Plus, her talks are always as funny as they are informative.

Meredith Wawner
Bariatric Surgery Physician’s Assistant
Wilmington, NC

The patients loved Katie’s presentation.

Katie Jay presented an all-day workshop for our patients, and they loved it! They learned skills for long-term success. They laughed, they ‘played,’ they shared, and most of all, they ‘connected’ with Katie. I cannot say enough positive things about our time with her.

Debra Proulx
Bariatric Manager, RN, BHS, MBA