If you’ve had gastric-bypass, -sleeve, -banding, duodenal switch, or any other type of bariatric surgery, you’ve probably heard people say, “weight loss surgery isn’t brain surgery.”

It’s true. Your stomach was altered, but your brain was not.

And that’s where the challenge lies.

Bariatric surgery can transform your body, but to see the benefits long-term, you also need to transform other important aspects of yourself.

Your mental, emotional, and social well-being are the essential foundation to build lifelong bariatric surgery success.

At Bariatric Surgery Support we offer unique resources, vital information, and enough nonjudgmental support to help you thrive after bariatric surgery.
Bariatric Surgery Support

Here’s what BariSupport will give you:

  • Tailored support to help you let go of self-judgment, take charge of your bariatric surgery journey, and discover what works specifically for you.
  • Information to help you build a rock-solid foundation for lasting success using Katie Jay’s Three Pillars of Wellness – self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-care.
  • Handholding if you need it. (Change is harder than all the gurus make it sound. Here you will find support to get you through the discomfort that comes with new learning and change.)
  • Useful articles, courses, events, retreats, workshops, and group and individual coaching.

Here’s what BariSupport will NOT give you:

  • Encouragement to diet or obsess about food. We take a whole-person approach here, focusing on all your qualities, not just what you perceive as your flaws.
  • Fat shaming and judgment, which are not welcome on this site. We are a pro-social community.
  • Therapy, which is awesome, but you won’t get it here. (We will support you to get into therapy if you’d like.)
  • Medical advice. We encourage you to find a knowledgeable, open-minded doctor you feel comfortable with, and who can be your partner on your journey to health and wellness.
We love to support women who begin their bariatric surgery journey with high hopes but want to take their self-care and fulfillment to the next level.
Bariatric surgery isn’t sufficient for you to lose weight and maintain your loss. Other changes are necessary. In fact, you might need to transform everything else about yourself. Katie