Katie Jay’s

Small Bites for Your Life

“There are many good resources out there that provide bariatric surgery support and information. I particularly like Katie Jay’s Small Bites newsletter because the articles are honest, real, and informative. I often share them with my patients, who learn so much from Katie’s experiences and expertise. Small Bites is well worth the read!”
Martha Jo Denton, FNP-BC, NC
“Katie, I just finished reading your article, The Healthy Biscuit I Can’t Get Enough Of. I loved this article.

Your newsletter is a wonderful blend of lessons you’ve learned from your own journey, as well as from the many bariatric surgery women you have helped along the way.
I have coached many bariatric surgery patients over the years. I particularly love your Small Bites newsletter. It’s such a great resource.” Linda Spange, RN, MA

“Katie, I assumed your Small Bites newsletter would give the same old information we get everywhere else. Instead, you dig deep and get us thinking. You are nonjudgmental and knowledgeable, which is exactly what I need!” Lynette Thompson