Even after bariatric surgery, are you afraid to step on the scale?

Have you tried bariatric surgery support groups, but find they don’t suit yours needs now that you’re not a “newbie” anymore?

What if it’s possible to get support that suits your specific needs, so you can avoid weight regain (or resolve it) and have reliable and lasting results?

Bariatric surgery is like a marriage. It’s one of the biggest commitments of your life. You say “I do” with high hopes.

Then, off you go on your honeymoon.

During your honeymoon you see mostly the happy side of surgery. After all your suffering, now you can fit into restaurant booths. You can walk two blocks without hesitation. Your diabetes has gone into remission or your gastric reflux is resolved.
A woman on the beach
One woman shared gleefully that her slip fell off while she was standing in line, arms full, at the grocery store.
“I had pure, unfettered joy. My neighbor said, ‘Just look at her. It’s like a light has been turned on!’ It was a true honeymoon that lasted for about a year.” Holly
For most bariatric surgery women, within a year or two, that honeymoon comes to an end. The newness wears off, and some of your old beliefs and habits start to creep back in. You start testing your limits. Maybe now you feel afraid to weigh yourself because you don’t want to know if you’ve gained.

You start to believe there is no “happily ever after” for you.

“My hunger came back and my weight loss slowed. For a while I went to extremes, denying myself food. That spring I started gaining. I thought about the people who were ‘regainers.’ I believed it was a character flaw. I realized I was one of them.” Susan

“I was well informed when I had my weight loss surgery. I just didn’t think I would be one of those people who would struggle. I didn’t know it would be this hard for this long.” Anna
“I was in denial and shame. I tried to get back on program, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t working like it had [in the beginning]. And I thought, ‘It’s not going to work.’” Gail
It’s at this point many women come to accept a deeper truth: Bariatric surgery alone isn’t enough.

Consider your journey is not just about diet and exercise. To thrive, you need to nourish more than your body. You must also cultivate your mental, emotional, and social well-being.

So, exactly how do you bring about well-being like that?


Katie Jay’s BariSupport

BariSupport values each individual’s journey and supports you as you learn and experiment to find exactly which strategies and practices fit YOU the best.

Not every woman is expected to wear the same size and style of clothing. You’ve probably tried on dresses that fit your bust but are too tight around your fanny. Or they are just right for your fanny, but the waistband is too big. Or the dress fits perfectly all over, but it’s too long.

The right kind of support will fit you perfectly.

At BariSupport you will learn how to:

1) Take ownership of your bariatric surgery journey.

Bariatric surgery women are brave and determined. They want to be as healthy and happy as they can be. They want to feel in control of their eating and their life. Here you’ll find information, tools, strategies, and support to take charge of your journey.

2) Create your very own “bariatric blueprint” based on what suits your needs best.

When you were at your highest weight, even when the item in the store said one size fits all, it rarely fit you. What works for you after bariatric surgery will not be one size fits all, either. Using a compassionate, nonjudgmental approach, we’ll help you figure out how to move forward, based on your specific needs and circumstances.

3) Get enough of the right kind of support to help you succeed.

We all have our own specific needs when it comes to support, too. BariSupport offers a variety of options. Here you’ll find articles, online and email courses and events, retreats, workshops, a book group, and individual coaching. You can choose as much or as little support as you need.

But do choose.

One thing is certain. If you’re struggling and using the same old tactics you’ve always used, change is unlikely. If those tactics worked, you’d have solved your problem by now. Choosing to do something different will put you on a new path with amazing new possibilities.

What Makes BariSupport Different?

Group of women outdoors

Most bariatric surgery coaches (and websites) focus on what to eat, which supplements to take, what kind of exercise to do, and how to lose weight. They take a one-size-fits-all approach, dictating a standard set of guidelines to everyone who comes to them.

While all of that is critical, if you don’t take care of your own specific needs mentally, emotionally, and socially it is much harder to keep your obesity in remission.

“ I teach a proven philosophy, provide concrete practices and tools, and offer heartfelt support to help you transform your whole being, so you can achieve long-term success and satisfaction after bariatric surgery.” Katie

Katie changed my life.

I was stuffing down my feelings with food. So, I enrolled in Katie’s coaching program. I felt an immediate connection with her. Katie’s coaching emphasized self-care and self-compassion, which still influences me years later. Katie also introduced me to Nonviolent Communication, which I now facilitate in a program at the local jail.

Connie Cox

I discovered exactly what I needed to change.

What I liked the most was having Katie’s undivided attention. She helped me find more clarity, renewed hope, better insight, and deeper self-love. I highly recommend coaching with Katie. She has walked the walk and is the real deal.

Karen Lewis

I learned that I am worth the time to focus on my needs.

My concern about Katie’s retreat was being away from my family, and my fear of being vulnerable. I learned that I am worth the time. Katie’s retreat was worth every penny. I’ve started saving to attend the next one.

Sherly Armes-Harding

I felt safe enough to dig into my ‘soul’ and find answers.

My biggest obstacle to Katie Jay’s retreat was fear I would not be accepted as myself. I met some fantastic women who also were struggling. I would recommend Katie’s retreats to any woman who is battling with weight loss and acceptance of herself.

Nancy Guptill

I’m more compassionate toward myself.

I was regaining! Because of finances, I did Katie’s Book Club instead of coaching. Katie was compassionate, knowledgeable, and funny. I loved it so much I signed up for her coaching after all. I’m not the same woman I was before I met Katie.

Sherry R.

Katie designed an alliance with the group.

I was concerned about the time for Katie’s coaching group. I love how the group calls were set up. They were recorded so we could listen even if we couldn’t attend. I would recommend coaching with Katie, because she is smart, analytical, playful, and walks the walk.

Roz Harris

I put Katie’s teaching into practice and my weight remains at goal.

I was concerned about the cost. What I discovered was real support and empathy. Entering my maintenance phase, I put Katie’s coaching into practice. My weight has remained at goal. Katie taught me mindfulness, which has made my journey easier. I am deeply grateful.

Anne Gerard

I'm much more self-caring now.

Katie helped me accept my feelings about myself. I learned to notice when I'm undermining myself and take a different path, and I don't talk as negatively to myself. I feel I've made big strides. I recommend coaching with Katie to anyone. She is the best.

Mary Ann W.

Katie helped me break down barriers.

I was worried about the time it would take to coach with Katie. It was well worth it. Katie provided a safe space to help me learn about myself and experiment with what might help me. I could talk to her about anything

Lynette T.

The time I spent with Katie was crucial to my well-being.

I had financial concerns, but Katie was truly helpful. Her coaching was different. She didn’t tell me what to do. She helped me find my own way. While any food plan works short-term, self-limiting beliefs had always sabotaged me. I so loved my time with Katie, I signed up for a second year!

Kay Schlappe

Katie is a compassionate listener.

As a mental health clinician, I didn’t know how coaching with Katie would go. She helped me find what she calls the “sweet spot,” where I do the things that are good for me, which matches with what I want to do and what I’m drawn to. I highly recommend Katie.

Linda O.

Katie gave me the courage to experiment and try new things.

I have enjoyed Katie’s Book Club Coaching Group. She has so much knowledge I wonder where she holds it all. She has a way of teaching that resonates, and the hour goes by fast. I found that I wanted more when it was time to say good night.

Teri Goodwin

Why Is Meeting Your Specific Needs Critical to Your Long-term Success?

Plants growing

The real key to long-term satisfaction is experimenting to find what works specifically for YOU.

Because of the unique challenges bariatric surgery presents, and the complexity of the women who undergo it, general guidelines often are inadequate and leave you feeling frustrated, confused, and even ashamed.

After their honeymoon ends and they begin to regain, women tell themselves they are bad, they’re failing and they can’t control themselves. But there is nothing bad about them or what they’re doing.

The truth is no one fails at bariatric surgery.

It never was going to be a cure. To have sustained remission and feel satisfied with your results you need to transform more than your body.

You can use your surgery to your advantage and sort out what else you need to do to be successful. It’s a process.

I don’t know exactly what you need, and you probably don’t either, but I know how to support you to find out.

You bravely chose bariatric surgery to help you overcome your weight challenges.

You deserve a post-surgery experience with no fear and no regrets, the outcome you desire, and most importantly, a way of living that works for you.

Thanks for visiting! And feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Katie Jay

MSW, Certified Life and Wellness Coach

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